Stephan Stone

Step on Stone with Stephan

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           Sculptures by Kraft                 



Stephan Kraft : The Sculptor / Artist


Born In Toronto Ontario, received  commercial art certificate at the age of 14.

Now residing in Miami Florida.

Taught  by his Aunt  Ann Sweeney renowned  painter/artist
growing up as child  in the summers at Lake Simco Ontario

Traveling throughout the States studying the art and cultures of other fellow artists.
Lived and Studied with renowned  Sculptor/Artist William  Reed in Palm Beach FL.
 William came third place in Carrera  Italy the first  marble Sculptor to represent Canada ,competing against all the top artist throughout the world.

Stephan learned also by watching his good friend and neighbor by Alex Schick very renowned Artist in Richmond B.C. Canada

 Moved on to self  teaching creating new methods and new ideas with the Arts.

 Stephan makes his own molds and has created his own media  that he uses as fillers for duplicating his sculptures called liquid Marble, soon to be on the market. 

He also has created his own line of acid stains for concrete and used on other medias.



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